Legal Document Assistant Rules (BPC 6400, et seq.)

October 29, 2020

BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE – BPC DIVISION 3. PROFESSIONS AND VOCATIONS GENERALLY [5000 – 9998.11] CHAPTER 5.5. Legal Document Assistants and Unlawful Detainer Assistants [6400 – 6415] ARTICLE 1. General Provisions [6400 – 6401.7] 6400. (a) “Unlawful detainer assistant” means any individual who for compensation renders assistance or advice in the prosecution or defense of an unlawful

What are you committed to?

May 30, 2020

I’m committing to being the best version of me. During this coronavirus pandemic, I had the opportunity to take a step back from my business and try to identify what has worked in the past, and what needs improvement. What are you committing to? Articles    

Money Doesn’t Fix Money Problems –

April 19, 2020

ABA’s Consideration of alternatives to high cost attorney fees to increase access to justice “In November, the ABA published Formal Opinion 484. From the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, the opinion approves of some forms of attorney fee financing, believing that they can help close the access-to-justice gap,

San Francisco Paralegal Association

April 5, 2020

Beginning in 2013, I became the vice president of the San Francisco Paralegal Association, I then eventually became the President in 2016.           SFPA At Issue April 2016 SFPA At Issue Sept 2019 Consider joining the association as a member at:

California is Considering New and Improved UPL Rules – Will it Happen?

October 4, 2019

You know those three little letters that you hear at every paralegal seminar. It causes experienced paralegals to cringe. It makes attorneys nervous. Yes, you guessed it, U.P.L., the all too familiar “Unauthorized Practice of Law,” the rule that states that a paralegal cannot practice law, establish attorney-client relationships, set

Potential Consequences For Paralegals Not Meeting Their MCLE Requirements In California/

December 31, 2016

Since January 1, 2007 paralegals have been required to certify that they have completed a certain number of hours participating in mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) workshops. According to Business and Professions Code section 6450(d), paralegals must complete the following MCLE hours every two years: 4 hours of legal ethics