How to get Freelance Paralegal work on Craigslist

December 30, 2016

Hello, I’ve created a video to share my Craigslist post that gets me projects from attorneys. The best ways to get work is through referrals from other attorneys that are familiar with your work product and work ethic. However, until you start getting those kinds of referrals from attorneys, you can try this!

This worked for me, it can work for you. You should probably start figuring out how much to charge for certain projects, or what your rate will be.
This does not replace other traditional ways of finding employment, such as cold calling,  sending out flyers, networking, etc.


  • Here’s the text, in case you don’t get the e-mail.

    Hi, I am interested in obtaining paralegal assignments from attorneys in an independent contractor position preferably via telecommute. The price is negotiable depending on the project. I have a paralegal certificate and I am a Certified Registered Paralegal.

    I would prefer to do the majority of the work via telecommute, but I am available to have face to face meetings as well.

    I can assist Attorneys with projects (short-term or long-term contracts) such as:

    E-Discovery document review planning (creating searches, review sets, tags, issues, etc.).
    Case and client records organization
    Deposition summaries, annotations, highlighting
    Perform internet research (factual, not legal)
    Accessing court filings from PACER
    Form Preparation (Bankruptcy, Divorce, Family Law, etc.)
    Law firm business social media marketing
    Draft correspondence
    Retrieve case law (your legal database (Lexis or Westlaw))
    Obtain public filings and online reports from Securities and Exchange Commission and other entities
    and so much more

    Please see my resume below and reply to this post if you think I can assist you with strengthening your legal team in an affordable and professional manner.

     knowledgeable in legal databases including iCONECT, Relativity, Summation, Concordance, LiveNote, TextMap, CaseMap, PDF Professional Converter and FormsWorkFlow
     Excellent oral and written communication skills
     Knowledgeable with State and Federal case law, codes, rules, and statutes
     Highly motivated and detail-oriented
     Ability to multitask, meet deadlines, and work well under pressure
     Strong organizational skills and proficiency in record keeping
     Ability to efficiently work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision
     Ability to work well with a team, focused, flexible and reliable
     Excellent computer skills and proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
     Bilingual – English, Spanish

    Civil Litigation
    Complex Commercial Litigation
    Construction Defect
    Professional Liability

    Law Enforcement/Government Entity in S.F.
    Investigative Paralegal December 2014 – June 2015
     Lead paralegal responsible for Civil Asset Forfeiture department
     Attend criminal court proceedings, hearings and trials
     Work and communicate with related law enforcement agencies
     Case Management of client files
     Communicate with the general public to provide status of case
     Perform legal and factual research
     Draft and file criminal court filings
     Draft and prepare discovery and declarations

    MID-SIZED LAW FIRM, San Francisco, CA May 2002 – December 2014
     Lead paralegal on multiple trials in State and Federal courts
     Manage litigation databases and support of electronic discovery processes
     Maintain hard copy and electronic repositories of document productions
     Prepare for hearings, review panels, mediations and arbitrations
     Conduct fact investigation research of witnesses and case issues
     Perform legal research, cite check and Shepardize briefs using Lexis Nexis and Westlaw
     Draft correspondence, pleadings, discovery, privilege logs and client updates
     Analyze, prepare and organize discovery, including reviewing records for privilege
     Communicate directly with clients, experts and other key contacts
     Assist with e-filing in federal, appellate and bankruptcy courts
     Prepare charts and tables to organize information (using formulas, filters and exports)
     Coordinate, organize, search, and summarize voluminous documents for case preparation
     Maintain databases and files relating to extensive document productions
     Perform notarial acts as a notary public for California

    U.S. Immigration Law Program Certificate, 2015, California Institute of Legal Studies
    CORE Registered Paralegal, 2014, National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.
    Paralegal Certificate, 2003, City College of San Francisco, S.F., CA
    LEAP (Legal Employment Action Program) Training, 2002, JVS, S.F., CA

    San Francisco Paralegal Association (2013 – Present)
    California Association of Legal Document Assistants (2014 – Present)

    Duplex Printer with Color Scanner
    Mobile Color Printer/Scanner
    Desktop with Dual Monitors

    Skype Capability
    PDF Converter Professional
    MS Office Suite
    Marital Settlement Agreement Software
    Other Accounts
    Fed Ex/UPS/Postage

    I accept cash, checks, money orders, major credit cards (through Square), and Paypal.
    I accept cash, checks, money orders, major credit cards (through Square), and Paypal.

    For more information, visit (paste into web address bar).

    Elizabeth Olvera
    Excelsior/Mission District
    San Francisco, CA 94112
    I am bonded and registered in the City and County of San Francisco.
    My LDA Registration Number is 2016-0068 (Expires: 4/4/2018).

    Currently, I am not performing the following services: accounting, researching case law, drafting legal memoranda. Please note, I am not an attorney.

  • This is a very valuable service! I wish to thank you Elizabeth as the tools you’re discussed are so helpful.

    • Thanks for your comment! After running this ad on Craigslist a few times, I had enough work and didn’t have many issues keeping my pipeline full. 🙂

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