How to Become a Legal Document Assistant

May 30, 2020

Interested in knowing more about what a Legal Document Assistant is? Want to know how to become one in California?

The Basics

A. Why Become an LDA?

  1. Looking for a career change
  2. Access to Justice for self-represented litigants
  3.  Rewarding work that makes a difference
  4. Make money running a successful business

B. Minimum Requirements

  1. Meet Education Requirements (see Bus. Professions Code 6400, et seq.)
  2. Obtain a bond from a bond agency (approx $400 for a 2 year term)
  3. Register with the County clerk where you have your principal place of business

C. Business Essentials

  1. Office Space
  2. Client Management Software
  3. Calendaring
  4. Phone System
  5. Email
  6. Software (form preparation, postage, etc).
  7. Equipment – efac, shredding
  8. Membership in a professional organization

D. Master Your Craft

  1. Read BPC sections 6400, et seq.
  2. Join organizations such as (CALDA) to get guidance on being an LDA
  3. Work with other professionals in your subject area (Attorneys, mediators, other LDAs)
  4. Network with other Legal Document Assistants)

E. Expand your Knowledge with MCLE

  • LDAs are required to take MCLE before renewing their registration every 2 years
  • Proof is a Signed Declaration submitted to the county clerk


F. Marketing

  • Business Cards
  • Google “My Business” Page (free!)
  • Advertise – Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, Craigslist

G. Want More Info: 



P.O. Box #2751
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Here’s a presentation that I did regarding how to become a Registered Legal Document Assistant in California, as the membership chair for CALDA in May 2020.




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